AMCAS app 2011

I have a couple of questions… Might be simple or basic but at this point, I have no other guidance, so I thought I would post on this forum.

  1. Do the dates for starting the application and submitting the application differ from each other? (May 4th 2010 and June 1 2010 respectively)

  2. If I take my mcat sometime in May and start my application and submit it on or around June 1 (if that is the actual date to submit), would I be able to send the score after that point? Or should I wait for the score release to apply?

    3)What if I get my first score from May 2010 and it is not the desired score, is there anyway to tell the school after I have submitted my application that I will be retaking the test by a certain date and to expect a new score?

Hi Karmanitzz:

As I understand it, you may begin working on putting your application together in AMCAS starting on May 4th. The earliest date that you may submit the app. to medical schools i June 1st. And yes you may submit without MCAT scores. I plan to do the same thing.

I’m not sure about the re-test policy. I imagine that you could email the admissions office of the school.

If you aren’t sure that your ready to take the MCAT in May, I would say postpone and just plan to take it later in the summer since if you want to submit June 1 you’ll be submitting without MCAT scores anyway (since your original plan is to take it in May).