AMCAS grade calculation

Can someone point me in the right direction to find an answer about AMCAS grade calculation? I am specifically interested in how certain classes are weighted. What got me thinking about this is when I was doing the transfer equivalencies for the school I am going to go to, I saw that whereas my old school gave 5 credit hours for Analytical Physics/Lab, the new one only gives 4 hrs. Does AMCAS take the hours from whatever institution at which you actually earned the credit? Or do they perhaps have their own equivalencies?

Thanks for any help!


AMCAS will use the credit amount the original college where you took the course issued.

MikeC, I was recently computing my AMCAS GPAs by creating a spreadsheet and using their rules to determine each of them (I have multiple degrees). You can find their grade/transcript info PDF on their website. It took me quite a while to input all my courses and grades and categorize them as per AMCAS rules, so I presume it’s better to start this process well before you intend to apply.

But remember, you only put in the course grade and the units, AMCAS does all the calculations, taking into account semester and quarter programs. No longer do you have to do this. :slight_smile: