AMCAS Work/Activities section questions

Working through the AMCAS and I’m getting to the work/activities section. A few questions on this one:

  1. Should I enter all of the jobs I’ve held in the past 10 years or so (none are in the medical field)?

  2. When I’m entering the Experience Description, should I focus on what I did/what my duties were, or should it be more focused on what I accomplished or took away from the experience?


Here’s my advice:

  1. Make a list of everything you’ve done since high school, by experience/activity/job. This will help you remember and crystallize your activities.

  2. Isolate those that were most important to you/had the most meaning. Pare that list down to 15.

  3. Choose 3 that were the “most meaningful” – as I’m sure you know, you’ll have to write additional, longer essays about those experiences.

    The descriptions should be both factual and contain reflection on what you learned/gained from and perhaps contributed to the experience/organization. There’s obviously less room to do this in the 700-character descriptions and more reflection is warranted in the longer, “most meaningful” descriptions.