Anatomy exam 2

Hello all,

I’ve never really posted much but have received a lot of encouragement over my journey to med school (starting in 2006). I thought I’d put up a quick post to say hello and let you know how I’m doing. I started at U Mass Med in August. For the first six weeks I never mentioned the word doctor for fear that I might somehow jinx myself. But today I finished my second anatomy exam (with the second biochem and first genetics exam done last week). Today was rough but I’m sure I passed and I’ve done well in all of my other exams up until now. I’m starting to realize that this is real and that I am going to make it through this semester and ultimately through four years of med school. And someday I will be a real doctor. Wow, its pretty amazing! I’m also balancing an hour commute (each way) and two kids and still keeping my head above water. I know it will get worse but so far I’m feeling great! Hope everyone is well! Maya


That’s awesome!!!

Go, Mouse, go!!

Congratulations on a great start. I just started at University of Oklahoma C of M in August. We have exams in blocks. That is one per day for four consecutive days. The second block is coming up in a week and a half. I survived Round I, and I hope I have your confident outlook when this next one is over. Keep it up, and keep in touch.