Anatomy Pre-Req?

Hi folks:

I’m doing some initial research on pre-reqs, and was surprised to find the anatomy was a requirement for most PA-C programs but not MD/DO.

My thinking is that taking (undergrad) would serve as a building block. Is my thinking incorrect?


It’s not required, but it’s a really good idea to take it.

It will help on the MCAT, and will give you a solid foundation for what’s to come.


Any other “nice to haves” such as Microbiology or Genetics?

I’m a MS1 currently halfway through my first year. I would advise against taking anatomy unless you’re going the full distance and taking enough courses to become an anatomy major. If you’re only taking 1 or 2 anatomy courses it’s really not worth it. You’ll go through that material in a week during med school, maybe less. Unless your school’s anatomy program is really intense and they treat it like a graduate course.

In medical school, it’s not enough that you know the name and location of a particular nerve. You have the know the component fibers, where they originate (specific vertebral level), where they end up, what happens if you damage it, where they synapse, etc. I’m not sure if your anatomy course goes into this level of detail.

I think it’d be more high yield to take biochem.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

I would suggest biochem, I hear that helps a lot. I imagine that any introduction course to a topic in the med school curriculum wouldn’t hurt. I’m in parasitology right now, so I should do well during the medical parasite curriculum in med school.

I have a friend that took anatomy here at my university before med school and said he is glad he took it. He said it made anatomy in med school a lot easier and less stressful. The anatomy course at my university has a cadaver lab, it’s 4 credits but seems like it should be 8 credits.

Thanks…appreciate the blog also. Did you happen to take pre-reqs near Philly? I having a little trouble with scheduling around work, and wondering if I overlooked some options for a DIY program.

Send a PM if you feel more comfortable.