And I'm back!

Hi guys! After a long hiatus since the Orlando national meeting (which was 2.5 years ago now) much has happened. But I will give a quick reintroduction before I proceed with my update.

I initially joined back in 2012ish when I was sad and desperately in need of inspiration and advice about my dismal gpa situation. I had just transferred to a new school at that point and was slowly recovering my low cum gpa of a 2.4(? I honestly can’t remember hah). I had the opportunity to meet some of you and hear many inspirational stories at the orlando conference which I attended with my mother.

Since then I have been pretty much nonstop with school generally. I ended up taking all my upper div classes to close out my 2012-2013 school year and generally getting all A’s with the exception of Biochem (B+) and a retake of Chem 2 (B), as you can see I am not much of a chem person, hah. I graduated with an overall gpa over my two years there at the new school of 3.6 with my BS in biology and a minor in chem totaling out to about 70 semester units.

Starting Oct 2013 until now I have taken two kaplan classes in a row to prep for this upcoming mcat which is suppose to be in 8 days but that is highly unlikely currently. Hah. (I will post more about my MCAT dilemma in the MCAT forum.) Fingers crossed I will be able to apply with a great MCAT by this coming cycle.

So pretty much I have just been doing my best to work my way towards medical school since I last stopped in. I am so happy to see many of you who I had initially met on this forum and in person advancing towards their goals and a HUGE shout out to all of you!

I hope everyone has been well and just keep trudging forward! After what many of us have been through whether it be a career change, low gpa, low mcat or any other combination, all those things have worked to make us stronger and better future physicians, I thoroughly believe that. Have a fantastic day

Welcome back!

Thanks! You look familiar, did you happen to attend to orlando conference too?