And the dumbarse award goes to ...

With the plethora of information on this Web site, for some reason I've been suffering under the delusion that I could take the MCAT in April and still have a shot for admission for 2004. Why I believed this, I have no idea.
So basically, I've wasted all of this time filling out the Texas application thing for no reason since I can't take the MCAT until April.
Looks like I'm going to be a chiropractor after all.

You lost me… but then of course that’s not hard to do since I’ve been either writing papers or doing homework since… um… did I sleep last night? I don’t remember…

anyway… Why do you HAVE to be in the 2004 admitting class again??? Generally, I believe there’s a 1 year lag for attending US schools… Foreign schools don’t have this lag, I don’t believe… but what’s the hurry…?
Don’t “settle” for something that you’d rather not be doing… it sounds like chiropractic isn’t really the way you want to go… so take your time and apply for the schools you want…
Don’t get down on yourself… If you could receive the dumbarse award for anything, that’d be it… but then again, you’d be in good company with all the rest of us…
Being the perfectionists that most of us are… we frequently aspire or attempt the unthinkable… the unattainable… now I’m not saying that this is one of those situations… but I think you know what I mean… something like… SURE, I can work 80 hours a week, take a full load of classes, raise a family and spend 20 hours a week volunteering… (yeah right… with a time machine maybe!)…
Take stock, revamp, and move on… that’s all you can do…
it’s late… I should eat more pudding… and then go to bed… smile.gif

Ash, I agree 100% with Andrea, not much more to add to that.
I'm in somewhat of a different boat. Should I start applying to offshore schools or not?
Well, one of the offshore schools was the first med school I considered, but that is beside the point. After some research, I found that I would really love to attend about four schools in the US. But, if I don't get in, do I try again next year or settle and take the boat now and go offshore to save a year - after all, I'm not getting any younger.
Chiropractor will always be there to serve as your net if you fall, but at least start walking that wire - hang in there Ash and at least apply. If you don't, you will always have that 'what if' following you. Go for it!

Take the MCAT in April like you planned but just switch the date for Fall 2005. Or, if you're not ready, take the August MCAT next year and still apply for Fall 2005. I think the cycles for MCAT are a whole year in advance so you take it and then apply for the medical school class the following fall.
At least you didn't do what I did on one of my post-bac programs, I sent in my application without the check for the admissions fee. Duh. I was so embarassed. We all know that's what they really care about…$$.

What's the big deal over one more year? Do not make a mistake & rush this process…it will only come back to bite you in the arse! Take your time, proceed at the pace that works best for you and do not loose sight of the Grail!