And the roller coaster starts

Well, I started the first of 13 prereqs I need to complete before I take the MCAT and apply to med school. It has been 15 years since I took a math class, and 16 years since I took chemistry. It is coming back to me slowly. . .not quite like riding a bike, but close! Still, I am a bit overwhelmed. the chemistry classes are accelerated one full year in 9 weeks! Any advice is welcome. I think I can. . . I think I can. . .

Go to the professor’s and TA’s office hours. If your school has free chem tutors use them (if they suck get a paid one that doesn’t), form a study group the first week. If it doesn’t make sense that day try to find an answer before the next day.

Also, my weird thing was to create Facebook groups for my classes, email everyone to join it, and use it to get my questions about concepts answered. Usually worked really well, although most people won’t join until the night before the first exam.

I did the chem in 9 weeks too. Did lots of reading, lots of practice problems. Practice, practice, practice. That’s really all I can say, other than to echo Pixie - go to office hours. Write down anything you have questions about and try to get them answered (before the test if possible!).


I agree with what’s been already said - go to office hours, and do it as SOON as you feel the tad bit confused, not right before an exam. Chem concepts are totally cumulative, so if you miss one thing, you can get lost for a long time to come. So it’s important to keep up.

And yes, lots of practice is also the way to go!

Best wishes!

Keep ahead of the Prof with the reading and do all of the example problems in the chapter as weel as practice problems at the end. You want to have read what he is lecturing on before you get to class so he lecture will be like review.

Trying to keep ahead, but univ. proper is about 1000 miles away, give or take a few hundred.

will fly out there for a few days eventually, but mostly online so far. I’ve been emailing the prof. constantly, afraid I might become a pest, but hey, I have questions!

I feel like I am getting everything, though, ,the class is so accelerated I worry about info congealing in the brain, or just falling out my ear, so to speak. It’s about a chapter and quiz every 36 hours, give or take.

I think I can. . . I hope I can. . .