Announced To My Employer About My Intentions To Go Back To School

Surprisingly my manager was very supportive. They are going to let me stay on part time (which is great if they prorate my base salary into an hourly rate).

I thought they were going to freak out and can me!

That’s awesome! My employer is fairly good about me going to school, they let me leave early 2 days a week this semester and they are going to adjust my schedule even more next semester. I feel really blessed that they are so supportive. Of course they do all joke that they are getting older and they’ll expect amazing medical care!!!

A lot of my co-workers are female and they were all like ‘PLEASE DONT GO GYNO!’ LOL

My boss was very supportive when I announced my intentions, too. It made the pre-req process SO much easier.

I would also get it added, if possible, to your annual development plan/performance review goals (or even an email). That way you have something in writing if the manager changes, or makes some inane issue when the time comes for annual review. I have 2 part-time students as direct reports and am very flexible when they need time off for exams etc. Really keeping your manager in the loop can go a long way in keeping the job secure and life easy:-) Best of luck…

Glad to hear that, Hugz M. I also had an understanding employer–I took a short term contract job when I was already accepted to med school and they liked me enough to offer me a permanent job. When I explained my situation, they were very understanding and said, by all means go to med school!