Another data point - IU Medical School

I spoke to IU, and they told me their oldest recent matriculant was a 51 yr old woman that started in 2001. However, she failed to graduate; they did not say why.

For what it’s worth, I did a little research and discovered that she matriculated with her daughter. So it was a bit of a news story at the time. She did not appear to have any ties to the University prior to her application. It looks like she was a high school math teacher at a small indiana town.


As long as I can remember, IU has been known to be VERY nontrad friendly.

I recently posted some brief analysis of AAMC applicant date that indicated approximately 180 individuals over the age of 38 matriculated to allopathic/MD school in 2010

Link to AAMC data analysis

Also, in 2009 the oldest matriculated student to osteopathic/DO school was 56 years of age