Another Hello...

It’s refreshing to see how y’all support each other, instead of supporting your egos by tearing down others. That’s what I got used to on other forums.

It’s looking like I waited too long for Med School, 3.11 post grad, (MBA) less than 3.0 undergrad, no MCAT. EMT-LPN for clinical, and as volunteer. But the 47 in years of age - that’s a deal killer, right?

Not a deal killer. Keep looking around the site and you will see others who have gone back at the same age or older.

Follow your dreams!

  • eirikr1 Said:
But the 47 in years of age - that's a deal killer, right?

The oldest newly matriculated student in 2009 to Osteopathic school was 56 years of age.

Wow. thanks for that. I’d still need to study for MCAT (1-2 yrs, right?) and take a few science pre reqs while the other non-trads talked of doing that and getting in at 47. I’ve also got lots of experience with rejection, (mostly women) that should help when getting rejection letters…

“Goals are dreams with a deadline.”

Erikr1 -

The main obstacle for you to overcome is not age but attitude. It’s essential for you to have a clear idea (and be able to communicate it!) of what aspects of your experience have led you to the decision to become a doctor.

If you are certain this is what you really want then making a plan is your next step. I started at 50 - tried to take premed courses on my own and investigated postbacc programs. Started in one at 51, finished at 52, working during my “glide year”, start this fall at 53.

Investing in doing to prereqs and excelling there, and preparing for and taking the MCAT’s a nd doing well there will demonstrate to med schools (and yourself!) that you can succeed in medical school.

Good luck for the journey!



Thankyou for the excellant advice. I do need to adjust the attitude. I’m just now wrapping my head around the idea that I haven’t waited too long. Stories of people that waited even longer and still made it give me even more confidence. thanks for that.

I’ve always wanted to be a doc. My undergrad got interupted (20 yrs of interuption) by family concerns, and it killed my GPA. I went to grad school because I ended up in mgmt, and everybody had BS degrees anyway. It was when I graduated with the 3.11 they FORCED me to have that I remembered my dream.

I’m still disbelieving the way y’all support each others dreams instead of the dream bashing i’d expect on the rest of the net…

Yeah, don’t go to Student Doctor .net!

I’d expect a big difference in your academic performance when you are taking courses you WANT to take to advance you towards your goal - and doing everything in your power to learn and understand the material as well as humanly possible (which will glean you better grades AND better prep for MCAT’s).

I will say that A’s are often a LOT more work than B’s…

Eirikrl, remember to surround yourself with positive people! People who are going to cheer you on and not knock you down!

Becoming a physician is a passion from within, therefore, you do not need anyone’s permission to pursue your passion! Yes, if you are married or deeply involved with someone then of course, you both would have to work it out so you both have a clear understanding of your dream. But besides that person, you do not have to get anyone’s permission! What you need is support and assistance to get you to where you need to be!

That my dear friend is what you will find on this forum! You will find people who have families, health issues, and all kinds of struggles but they still know who they are and who they want to become! Therefore, they care and are willing to share their ups and downs while they cheer you on as you run the marathon of becoming a physician!

Welcome to OPM!!! As others have said, your age is not a deal-killer. And being on this board will serve as encouragement on that front.

We’re all in this together, so feel free to ask any and all questions. There’s probably someone out there who has been through a similar situation and can offer some advice.

Best of luck on your journey!