Another newbie seeking advice

Hi all,

Thanks for providing such a great forum.

After reading back a couple pages I know you get bombarded with these types of posts but I figured what’s one more

I thought I would try to briefly share my info and hope for any advice I can get. Here goes:

I am currently a high school mathematics teacher. I recently returned to teaching after 2 years in a PhD program (educational policy/measurement and quantitative methods). I was hoping the return to the classroom would help reaffirm my fading beliefs in education, but I’m finding myself being attracted to a health career as a way to maintain a service oriented career as well as one that is intellectually engaging.

I have a B.S. in mathematics with a minor in physics. (Graduated 2004)

My undergraduate GPA was 3.73 although it may move downward because I retook an upper-level math class I failed and subsequently earned a 4.0

I’ve taken the following science courses: one semester of bio, one semester of chem (and AP chem in HS), a bunch of math, physics, and statistics.

After including all of the courses I’ve taken - grad and undergrad - here are my recalculated GPAs: non-science overall 3.93; science: 3.35 (the one class I had to retake dropped it below a 3.5).

I now know that I need to really boost my science GPA. My GPA in the required med school prereqs is much higher - 3.85, but I didn’t do as well in a couple upper level math and physics courses. Partly because the content was more difficult, but mostly because I started to lose interest during my Junior and Senior year.

I live in MI, so there no formal post-bac programs, but I could take courses at UofM or MSU. Also, all of my undergrad courses are more than 5 years old - not sure if this means I have to retake all the prereqs.

After all of that rambling, I guess my question is: do you suggest taking the remaining prereqs (mostly inorganic chem) and maybe some additional upper-level science courses (and, if so, which courses?) at a local university or a formal post-bac program?

It seems either way that I am 2 years away from applying to med school: at least one year of courses and then taking the MCAT.

Any advice would be appreciated. Like a lot of you, I’m at a crossroads. I’m still enrolled in my PhD program and still a full-time teacher. It would be a big jump to drop all of that to pursue a medical career and I want to make sure that I have a strong plan in place first.


Can’t contribute much right now, but welcome to OPM. Nice name - you’re people!

Hello and welcome! I live in the Detroit area (the burbs) and would strongly recommend that you at least visit Wayne State. I am planning on “hopefully” going there for Medical School. But their school is really top-notch. Aside from the less than stellar campus, it has a unparalled clinical enviroment.

Just a suggestion. At least take a look at it. They also have the most available open seats every year for incoming 1st med students as well.

I am ina similar situation. I was a dissertation away from having a phd in education, when I irealized my true calling was not in education. I don’t think gpa is a stumbling block. I know people who have got in with lower science gpa’s. What will be difficult as it was with me is finding a job that supplies enough money to survive while you finish prereqs. I used my degree to find a job as a research position and then took the prreq classes and supplemented them with anatomy, physiology and biochem. What you need to do is a risk/benefit analysis. What haopens if at the end you don’t make it…what then? for me is was easy because I was fired from my teaching job due to budgets and ny job as a research came out of a necessity. Hope this helps.