Another semester done (woohoo!)

Yet another update (pretty much just doing this to make myself feel better, you don’t have to read it lol. Maybe I should start a blog :P)

Spring I took:

Organism-level bio

Gen chem 1

Writing 2

Abnormal psych (my first 300-level class!)

and ended all four courses (15 creds) with a 4.0! top of the class in all four, and I even got a 104% in Organismal Biology! hah! All the while dealing with home stress and full time work, which included two audits. Work audits suck.

Summer is just going to be a 100-level cell bio and an intro to computer science combo, which shouldn't be too bad. Only issue is that there is just one professor that fits my schedule for cell bio, and she isn't so great on the ratemyprofessors list. I know you should take these with a grain of salt, but everyone says that she totally takes preference on Michigan State students coming in for summer classes that weren't available at MSU, and leave the others in the dust.

She also uses mastering biology for her lectures/homework, which I have never used any of the mastering series stuff. Anyone have experiences with it?

This puts my AACOMAS cumm. GPA at 3.3, and science at 2.7.. but if I rock these two classes in the summer, that will put me at 3.5 and 3.3 respectively. Lucky me I didn't take too many science courses during my first round of college in 204, so the replacements are quick and my gpa jumps fast. All that will be left to replace science wise will e physics 1 in the fall, and assuming I get a 4.0 (fingers crossed) that will sit my science gpa back up to 3.941

Classes start in less than two weeks! I'm mega stoked!

Great job on the GPA! That has to be a great feeling! I have to give you credit for taking all of those classes while working full time AND getting excellent grades. 3 classes are my max as to not risk getting anything lower than an A. I guard my GPA as if it were my FICO score! Which by the way, after looking at the amount of student loans I have in my future, I’m surprised FICO isn’t factored in with GPA/MCAT. Your summer classes sound like an enjoyable mix AND GPA safe! Good luck and keep us posted. Even if you don’t think anyone else wants to read it! I enjoy reading about everyone’s experiences, so post away.

Hey, thanks a lot! I read up on your history, and it is amazing! You have a very large amount of experiences to bring to the table of medicine. best of luck to you as well!

have you already done O-chem or do you have that yet to go?

Congrats on your courses thus far!


ive done a 1 semester general/orgo/biochem course for paramedic prereqs, but i still need the real deal full year version of it. hopefully that old course will help though

definitely will not be taking a full course load when ochem comes around

Congrats on another semester down and great grades! Good luck with ochem - people really seem to dread it but there’s a ton of memorization, so putting in the time studying really does work wonders =)