Another W or lower my GPA?

So, I just got back my first midterm in my molecular genetics class and, of course, I did poorly. The exam was in early March, but the professor only got us the test back yesterday. However, I knew immediately after the exam that I did not do well, but the professor told me to wait until the exam grades were in before deciding whether or not to drop.

I already have several W’s from late drops over the years. There were times when I stuck it out and ended up with a C grade. I have too many C’s already. My science GPA is barely above 3.0.

So I assume that the answer is to drop the course. Are too many drops a bad thing?

If you are going to retake it regardless I think it won’t matter if it shows a W or a lower grade. I know on my early ugrad transcripts the classes that I retook don’t even show my old grade. But I would listen to the experts on this first.

Actually, it will show as an F and be averaged in as an F on your application for AMCAS, regardless of what appears on your undergrad transcript.

However, on the AACOMAS application (for DO school), they allow grade replacement, so only the higher more recent grade shows at all.


The W will of the prior grade left blank?

No, no. You said “it doesn’t matter if it is a W or a lower grade” I’m saying, if it is a lower grade, it will show as such, and be averaged in along with the higher grade by AMCAS. If it is a W, I’m not sure how that is averaged in to the GPA on AMCAS, but the W will show up.

A “W” is not averaged into the AMCAS GPA.

What I am saying is that on my older transcripts I retook a course and it only shows the second grade. I am fairly certain that the first grade is not on there, it might not even show that I took the course the first time.

I know on my transcripts, for one class (from WAY back), it shows the first bad grade, then the withdrawal, then the last time I took it, each in the semester it occurred.

The school I’m going to now actually has a grade replacement policy where they overwrite your last grade with the new one, but that is only for calculating your graduating GPA, if you’re getting a degree. On the transcript, I’ve been told that each grade shows up, which you would figure. Would be weird to have the class listed, but no grade, or not to even show that class for the semester.

Thanks for all your help. I have decided to drop the course and get a W. I discussed my situation with the professor. She said that assuming I get 90% on the next two tests and 80% on my papers, I would end up with a C, or maybe a B if I did better on those. But I already have too many B’s and not enough A’s. I want to improve my mediocre science GPA on an upward note.