ANOTHER "What are my chances?"

I’ve been listening to the podcasts (Pre-med years, and old pre-meds) for about ten months, this is my first post. I’m working on my applications, and would appreciate some insight on where I stand. I’m 32 years old.

My under-grad is truly horrendous in every objective sense. I took about ten years to get my bachelors, went through academic probation and suspension. I have 9 failing grades on my transcripts, multiple W’s including several semesters where I withdrew from all of my classes. My overall undergrad GPA is a 2.5, and probably a 2.0 science GPA. MCAT was 22. I never bothered applying except to St. George’s and AUC in the Caribbean and was rejected from there.

My excuse: I really don’t have a good one (no family tragedy or anything like that). I got married and started having kids in 2007 and I didn’t learn how to really devote myself to school until now. I always worked full-time jobs in school and consistently put my classes at the bottom of the priority list. My employment has always been in healthcare (home health and hospice, then med/surge at a regional hospital doing patient care and unit coordinating) and I had several hundred hours of volunteering at the ER in my hospital. Good extra-curricular’s, but clearly my priorities were all messed up. I finally graduated in 2014 and got a corporate job outside of healthcare that actually paid the bills. After a year of that I felt very strongly that I needed to give medical school another shot. So I quit my job and went back for more classes.

I just finished a year (two semesters) of post-bacc. I took 31.5 credits and got a 3.8 GPA. My first semester was 18.5 credits and I got a 3.9, with a B+ in Molecular Bio. The next semester was 13 credits and I got a 3.7, with a B in Cell Bio. In both semesters I received A’s in everything else. During the second semester I was a TA for my O-chem professor and doing research. I also did some volunteer work and took an MCAT prep-course. I’m studying the rest of May and will take my MCAT on June 2nd. I plan to have my applications go out at the same time. I’m shooting for a 507, pretty confident I can hit that mark. Since Osteopathic will take your highest of repeats, I should have a solid GPA by their standards. I know Allopathic might screen me out, but I remember you guys mentioning some schools that will take just your last 32 credits for admissions purposes.

I’d really like your opinion on my situation. Do I have any chance at this point?

Thanks for your time,

Chad from Provo, UT

So from what you are saying, I gather that whatever was your issue before, is no longer an issue at this time. This is important because it shows the adcoms that you are not the same person that you were in the past and you can handle the rigorous medical school curriculum.

If you have ever heard Rich speak he would tell you that, you can say for sure that you will 100% not get into medical school if you do not apply. What you need to do is continue with your current path and keep your upward progress and when you are ready then you will need to take the MCAT. Other than that, this is a crap shoot and it is anyone’s guess but you have as good a chance as anyone.

I agree with Gabe. As you said, the AACOMAS application will show a much better GPA. Sounds like you have done what is necessary to show you can do the work and be successful. I will give two words of advice on applying to DO schools. First, get a good letter of recommendation from a DO that you have shadowed. Shadow one if you haven’t yet. Second, apply early to all schools with rolling admission. Try to get early interviews. Just the timing can make all the difference on the success of your application.

Best of luck!