Any advice?

Hi, all:
I’m new to this forum and was hoping I could get some advice.
I’m a bit of a late bloomer. =0) I received my BS at age 30. Now, at 36, I am going back to school to complete the science courses needed for medical school. By the time I apply to medical school, I’ll be 38.
From what I’ve read, it seems that medical schools give preference to younger students - although no medical school will admit that. So, I’m nervous, to say the least.
I realize, especially as a nontraditional medical school candidate, that gpa and MCAT scores are important. What other factors do you feel are important? I have no real medical experience, so I’m considering doing some volunteer work in a medical setting (in addition to work and school.) Any recommendations?
I’d really appreciate any information/advice you could give.

I will be starting med school next fall at the age of 38. It has been an uphill battle, but one that you can win. You definetly need to get some clinical volunteer time under your belt.

I spent a few years at a free health clinic in downtown Richmond. It was a GREAT place to get all the direct patient time I could. By the time I left there I was checking patients in, running simple lab tests, giving shots, drawing blood, volunteered to draw blood for HIV testing, counseled pregnant patients, etc… I very much enjoyed my time there.

I also volunteered at the local cancer center and brought snacks and drinks to patients receiving their chemo and radition treatments. Some places in hospitals are more rewarding than others where you just push paper around.

Good luck. Now is the time to get started volunteering.

Welcome to OPM! You have come to the right place for advice. There are sooo many OPM members that are in the same situation as you. I’m 38 and just got my BA 2 years ago. I’ll be about 40 or 41 when I apply. You will soon find out from others on this site that we represent a variety of age groups, mostly older. Many have been accepted that are your age and older. Again, welcome and good luck.