Any Internationals?

Hello,mates.I’ve not realized there is a Intro-forum here…I’ve been away for months.
As you see on the title,I “am going to be” a international pre-med student.(i’m not accepted for the time being.)And I’m a Japanese(pure,my parents are also Japaneses,and don’t speak English at all.) .
I know it’s nearly impposible for international students to be a doctor in the U.S…
But I want to work in the U.S. as a doctor in the future.
My dream seems to be strange.I can be a doctor in 6 years or so in Japan,too.
Most of my friends,parents,and others say " Why do you need to go there?".
And I always say "I want to experience other worlds.This is my dream.
This is why I’ve been studing English.I didn’t care if other people call me ‘English-Insaner’."
So studing abroad enable me to carry out my 2 dreams at once:going to the U.S. and studing to be a doctor.
Actually,there is another reason why I have chosen the U.S…
Last year,I was studing hard to get in a medical school in Japan.
However I got a serious disease.So I had to give up graduating from high school.
I couldn’t attend school…And I spent last year to cure myself.
Moreover I had no energy to study because of depression.(even my favorite English…)

I don’t think I’m very unlucky person,though.This pain & torture changed my view against medical care.
I’ve been dreaming to be a doctor since I was a child.But I wasn’t sure I would be a sergery,psychiatrist,
or others.And now I’ve decided my way.It is Psychoneuroimmunology.
So,this year must be my restart.And the U.S. has great conditions to restart,right?
My aim is difficult to accomplish.But I never give up!
“Not failure,but low aim,is a crime!”
Thank you for reading.
(i’ve collected some spelling mistakes… lol)

Hey NB, I can relate myself to your story as far as personal illness and the affect it can have on dreams. I am an American citizen but sometimes I feel that I may as well be trying to do the impossible abroad. Neurophysiology is definately an interesting subject which I have studied for some time on my own. I welcome you and encourage you to follow your dreams even when your own mind seems to be working against you. I believe that the power of the spirit can rise above even the almighty brain. Write me anytime! smile.gif