Any sources to locate local Docs who were non-trads?


I was or am curious in finding out about local doctors in metro-detroit area who started medical school as a non-trad and are now practicing medicine. Reason being I think it would be most beneficial in trying to shadow them if they were not opposed. Also, feel that I would gain a true wealth of knowledge as well. Thanks for any input. May you all have a safe weekend.


Do you know any physicians on a personal level? If so, you might want to ask them if they could refer you to anyone. That would be my best guess. I don’t think it really would make a difference which type of physician (when comparing non-traditional to traditional) you shadow as they will practice medicine similarly. But if you are looking to interview a physician who took a non-traditional route, I think if you ask a physician you know, they might know a person or two who might be willing to sit down with you or maybe even mentor you.

Who knows though, if you hang around here long enough you might be lucky and run into a physician in your area.

Yes I do. I was just wondering if there was any sources for locating non-trad. That is a good idea though. Thanks dude!