Anybody believe in divine intervention???

Divine intervention…heck yeah…I believe!!! I got a call from my state DO school TCOM ( Tex. Coll. of Osteo. Med.) and they asked me if I would like a seat for the class of 2008…well heck yeah…what the heck took ya so long??? I’ve been praying and hoping for this day to come for sooooo long and finally it happened. I truly thought that I was headed for KCOM, which would have worked out just fine, but now I get the chance to stay with my family, cheap in-state tuition, and get to go to my first choice of medschool!!! Does it get any better??? I’m so shocked, happy, and scared at the same time. Orientation starts this coming Mon. and first day of classes start the following Mon. Woo Hoo!!! Some things are just meant to be and I’m not sure why I had to wait so long for this to happen, but I guess everything has a reason. I’m another example of the fact that sometimes being on a waitlist does work out!!! Best of luck to everyone and I hope others get this same experiences…well…at least I know there will be one person on KCOM’s waitlist that will be very happy here shortly!

Congratulations, Chris!

That is wonderful news!

Congratulations Chris!
and good luck to you

Woooooo-hooooooo Chris! As soon as I saw the title and author I HOPED this was what you were sharing with us. I’m thrilled for you! Congratulations!


Congrats! I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Also, good things take time!

That is so great. I remember you wanted that to happen. I am so glad for your sake that it did. Wonderful!!!
All my best

As everyone else has already said, "Congratulations!"
I know that this is what you were always hoping for, and your family was hoping for it, too. So divine intervention, at least to me, seems like the right explanation. I know that’s what I always say happened when I was accepted here at WVSOM!

Congrats!! I know you are ecstatic right now!!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes and congrats. I just completed the orientation week and needless to say it was exhausting. I hope I make it through the real thing . I still find it hard to believe that I’m not only an MS-1, but I’m an MS-1 at the school I’ve always thought was the one for me. It’s just funny how things work sometimes. I’m sure it will all really sink in this next week and after the first exam…a week from this Monday!!! Class starts on Mon. at 8am sharp! Time to kick the brain back into gear since it’s been on vacation for almost 2 years.

Chris YOU WILL MAKE IT. Reading between the lines I sense that you are thinking that since you got in off the waitlist at the very end, you are least deserving and most susceptible to faltering. NOT TRUE! In class with your colleagues, you won’t be able to tell the folks who got in last fall from the ones who got in at the last minute. You are all going to work together, help each other, and become good doctors.
And your brain WILL get back into gear. It’s a remarkably plastic organ, it has served you well in the past, and it will work just fine when you’re challenging it. HAVE FUN. It’s the ride of your life.

Congratulations Chris, way to go
Maybe I can join you at TCOM in 2005 . . .