anybody else celebrating?

This is the second-best feeling ever…finishing up the first year of medical school. It’s second only to the day I found out I got in. For all of you who WILL be here one day, work hard and don’t give up. Don’t let ANYBODY tell you that it’s not worth it or that you probably won’t make it. Believe, believe and believe a little more, then make it happen.
MS-2 ( my oh my i DO like the sound of that!)
Univ. of Tx. Health Science Center San Antonio

Next Wednesday I’ll be there with you. Looking forward to it. Two shelf exams and I am home free for the summer !

Congratulations Kevin and Jblue! Finishing first year is wonderful. And it only gets better when you finish next year. I can only imagine how good graduating will feel!

I have been an MS2 since May 1. It is a great feeling. However, unlike you, I hate to work in class thru the summer.
Oh well.

34 days & not only will I be a PGY-2; but I will also OFFICALLY transfer to the Department of Anesthesiology & begin anesthesia training in earnest!!!

Ok, if we’re going there then 38 more days and I’ll be done with MSI and on my month of vacation!
Congrats on getting this far everyone!

ok 77 days before I am done with the summer semester.

For me, it is now two days until the official first year is over!! BUT I still have to complete one section of anatomy (abdomen and pelvis) this summer before it’s official. Don’t see why that should be a problem. I will only need a 60 on the last exam, and none of the other three were that low!!

I agree with you Kevin! I think that this is even a better feeling than that acceptance letter. We really worked for MS2, don’t you think? WooHoo! Enjoy your summer all!

MSII as of May 21st.
Kevinf911, I agree…I really like the sound of that! I hope you all get much deserved rest over whatever breaks you have.

I’m celebrating…'cause I just took Step 1 today…what a relief. It feels great to be done with that monster.

My last exam was this morning. Assuming I passed everything (fingers crossed, but reasonably sure), I’m now a MSII! I have a whole month off.

Congratulations, Pam!!!

Congrats Pam, especially getting through it as a mother and having experienced some challenges along the way!

Congrats!! Enjoy your last summer of freedom