Anyone else a diabetic??

I keep meaning to ask you all this.
I am a diabetic…do you think that will hinder me in anyway of getting into medical school? Is it something I should keep to myself or talk about in my application/interviews?
Are there any fields it could keep me out of, the reason I ask is how does a diabetic surgeon perform an 6+ hours surgery without eating?
I guess I just sometimes imagine that worse situation of my blood sugar getting to low and me passing out on a patient or something!! But then again I can’t be the only diabetic to go to medical school or be a successful physician.
Anything anyone would like to add on this subject would be great!

In general terms, you know your condition better than anyone else. You probably already know if your blood sugars are fairly controlled or brittle, and if so, can figure what areas might not work for you. I don’t see the need, personally, to address it on your application, personal statement, or interviews. I know of other OPM members who have chronic ailments and have gone on to medical school. Just use your good judgement in the situation and good luck.

I had two classmates with type I diabetes, wearing insulin pumps. They did fine.
Unless your journey with diabetes was THE reason behind your decision for pursuing a career in medicine, I would NOT address it in PS or interviews. It’s just not necessary.

OK thanks! And yes my diabetes is very well controlled.
Thanks again,