anyone for AMSA?

Will anyone be at AMSA in Houston this week? Does the Society for Nontraditional have any events planned? if anyone besides me is going and if there is not a social planned, I would love to host one. Just write into this topic.



Most excellent! And no, OPM “intends” to begin doing precisely what you have suggested, but has not been able to get its feces sufficiently together to pull it off. A big part of the problem is revenues - specifically, the AMSA vendor fee is exorbatent !! One day, when OPM is more ‘grown up’ & has deeper pockets [polite way to say ‘more giving alumni with jobs & income to donate’], we will take this plunge…but someone has to give us the $$ to pull it off first!

AMSA is awesome (I’m a former Chapter Pres) later in life (After Residency) I may be game for some Donation for OPM to show at the convention