Anyone for ObGyn?

MS-II seeks dually accredited ob-gyn residency info…
… anyone in the process, where are you, are you happy with your match, etc.?

That much estrogen makes me break out in hives!
Seriously, not aware of any dually-accredited OB/Gyn programs - I presume you mean AOA & ACGME accreditation? However, I did not research any OB/Gyn programs.
Another option you might research is to undertake a dually-accedited internship, esp as those are fairly common & becoming more so - at least that was the scuttlebutt when I was still in school & in the AOA communications loop. By merely honoring the AOA internship requirement, you will maintain all the priveledges withheld from folks like me by the AOA for not having done the DO-intern year.

I found the following website that has dual accreditation.
Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center
They are in Dearborn, Michigan. Looks like an interesting program. When I did my ob/gyn rotation I absolutely fell in love with it. BUT, my preceptor (who is also my friend and doctor)told me the residency is extremely physically challenging, and I might have a hard time with it. So, I think I’ll opt out for family practice, like I’ve always wanted to do, and do an extra year of ob/gyn in order to be qualified to do simple labor/delivery/c-section and simple gyn procedures.
Anyway, best of luck. Lori, my doctor, also told me that a lot of the allopathic residencies can add simple things to accommodate the AOA.