Anyone getting annoyed by preventable mediocre grades?

So yeah, so far, I’ve been doing alright for this semester, getting 90% or higher on quizzes and labs…but first calc exam, got an 86% and on my first chem exam, only got an 85%…alot of the stuff on both exams were stupid crap that I should have known. I’m not too worried I guess since there’s plenty of time in the semester to stabilize an A, but anyone else out there getting irritated by losing points for stupid crap they should have known?

Yeah - but such is life. We’ll all make stupid mistakes now and again. As much as we try to be perfect… we ain’t .

Yup. Drives me nuts.

my mosaic-like memory “knows” a lot more than I can spit out on an exam on demand. That’s all there is to it. I am gradually learning science but at my own pace and style, and sometimes it coincides with the exam schedule. It’s been a struggle these past 3 years to discipline my lazy and ideosyncratic brain to be a good little soldier and obey orders. I look forward to completing coursework in a few years and going back to learning in the manner that works best for me.

Yeah I know that feeling Terry. Bleh. Just got my first lab exam back today for chem, and lo’ and behold, more stupid stuff I should have known. Oh well, I’ll take an 88, especially since I thought I was going to get an 80.