Anyone in the Bay Area?


I’m a software engineer looking to go back to med school. I have a BA, but in another field.

To meet like minded people, I’ve started a meetup group in the San Francisco Bay Area: &a=…

If we can get enough people to attend, I might be able to organize some speakers…

I will be moving to Hayward.

I lived for 20 years in the Bay Area, and that is where I did my early volunteer work. If you are looking into places to volunteer in the East Bay, I can direct you several “out of the ordinary” health care related experiences. Just PM me.

That would be great…please look for my PM.



Hey Datsa,

Not sure how to PM you. I can be reached at

Thanks again

Click on my user name, then look for the link at the top that says “Start a private topic”.

But I will email you anyway.

Thank you Datsa,

The information is priceless!!!

Im in Hayward, just finished a year long post-bacc program at CSU East Bay. I might be able to meet up sometime, however I am going away for 3 weeks and will return sometime at the middle of July. This is my first post on oldpremeds so I dont know how the PMs work etc, but I am sure that there is something of that nature on here.