Anyone second guessing their major?

Alright, I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned this somewhere before but eh, I dunno. The more I have to deal with pre-calc, the more it’s turning me off of wanting to major in biology because I have to do a year of calculus for any science major. The fact that a lot of medical schools nowadays could care less about whether you have calc (or the few ones that do, just one semester) or in some cases, any math at all, further compounds the issue since I feel like I’m taking classes I really don’t need to in order to get where I want…the fact I hate the classes just makes this even more aggravating.

On the other hand, if I majored in psychology, I wouldn’t have to take anything beyond pre-calc, which would be fine with me. My psychology class was honestly the best class I’ve ever taken…one of the most writing-intensive ones too, but I actually enjoyed writing papers for that class. I’d be perfectly happy majoring in marine biology but then that brings up the question of a year of calculus as well as restricting me to only coastal colleges. Anyways, there’s my thoughts…so yeah, anyone else second guessing their major?


I think everyone should do whatever they like. And if it’s psychology that you enjoy most, I think you should switch the major to psychology. But if you like biology and the only reason for which you want to give up is calculus then…I guess you shouldn’t make any decissions too fast. Think it over and do whatever will suit you best. These two calculus classes are only a small part of your curriculum, and…there are hard or boring classes at any major.


If you like Psych then major in it. Why do something you do not like and then may not do as well in. You still have to do the prereqs for medschool but the major is yours! Go for it!