Anyone use to be a Rn, PA or NP

Hello I am very new to this forum. I am not sure I can post this message here but I thought I would give it a try considering you guys are already accepted it medical school. I was wondering if anyone here was a nurse, or PA??? What made you want to do medicine? Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks

I know we have a former PA who is now in EM residency. He doesn’t come by very often. He has just resurfaced at the PA forum. There is another PA in med school who posts occassionally over there as well.

Bill here is a nurse. He’s in the carib. Search for post by DRFP.

Hey sorry I did not reply sooner, I’m an RN

studying for Step one at the moment.

I really wanted to be a Doc after 17 years as a Nurse… I wanted to practice as an FP