Application Timing question

I am taking the advice I’ve seen posted and applying before my MCAT exam. Next week I have my premed committee meeting. Most of my LORs are in and I’m trying to get the AMCAS and AACOMAS applications together. My organic chem class ends this week and grades will be posted next week. So here is the question. Do I wait until AMCAS and AACOMAS verifications are complete before the LORs should go to the schools?
Also I have one more AMCAS question. I have read the AMCAS instructions but I’m still not sure about the credit hours. My undergrad used units where you roughly got 3 units for every credit hour. Do I trust that AMCAS makes the conversion and just enter it exactly as it appears on the transcript? I think it says to do this but I don’t want to screw it up.
Any insite would be appreciated.

Do not send letters of recommendation until you are asked to do so as part of secondary applications.
AMCAS makes the conversion assuming you give the proper information about what a credit hour meant at your school. You can call them if you have concerns about it. There is a section in AMCAS, however, that should help you through this.
Good luck.

Thanks Joe. Does this mean that all the schools are deciding whether they want to send you secondaries without even seeing LORs? Do they just go by the PS, MCAT and GPA? Hats off to all of you who have completed this process. Man is it complicated!

Schools that screen for secondaries do so based on grades and MCATs. The LORs are part of the next phase where they decide whether they’ll invite you for an interview… and are also factored into the deliberations post-interview about whether you should be offered an acceptance.