I am applying to med school in the spring. At that point, I will still have 2 semesters of undergrad to complete. Since acceptances are offered starting that fall and on a rolling basis thereafter, does that mean the coursework I take in those final 2 semesters isn’t taken into consideration by adcoms (as far as GPA goes)? I will soon be registering for my spring classes and I’m trying to figure out if it would be to my advantage to hold off on taking biochem 2 w/lab and P-chem until those future semesters.

Sometimes admission can be conditional on the grades in your last semester(s). don’t know how widespread that is…also I don’t think it would get you UNaccepted unless you didn’t make at least a C.

Maybe someone else knows a bit more.

Courses you take while applying generally won’t be taken into consideration. If you do well in them, you might choose to send an updated transcript. OTOH, if, like me, you get a C in biochem, you can choose not to tell them. Obviously, they will find out after you are accepted and have to send in final transcripts. Unless the grade is for a pre-req, it’s generally not going to matter.

Thanks so much for the replies. This may change my class schedule for the spring semester