Applying before mcat?

I have completed the entire application and I have all of my LORs, and transcripts in order. Should I still apply to medical school even though I have to retake the MCAT in August? I took the first exam in may and did not receive a competitive score for the schools I want to apply to. What would be the pros and cons of applying under these circumstances?

When did you take it the first time and what was your score?

The good thing about submitting now, is that at least the process of verification will get started. I submitted before I had taken the MCAT (about 2 weeks prior) and was receiving secondaries while I was waiting for my MCAT scores.

The bad thing for me was that I thought I had done terribly so my motivation to complete the secondaries that I was receiving was very low (huge FUD issue).

So, I guess the question is do you think your score will be substantially different from your previous attempt (hence my first 2 questions).


I took the first exam on May 12 and I got a 20p. I will be taking the 2nd exam in mid-August. What would happen if i still do not get the score I want?