Applying before prerequisites are finished?

So I’m a jr in college and I plan to take the MCAT in spring and figured I would apply to some schools starting next summer, but I won’t be finished with all of my med school pre reqs until I’m ready to graduate with my BS (if I stick to my degree plan as-is).

I’ll still need to take o chem I and II and physics II. My question is, will I even be considered for med school without having everything complete when I apply?


Do not even try to take the MCAT without O-chem and physics (unless you somehow manage to do very well on practice MCATs without them, an exceedingly unlikely event). They are represented well on the MCAT.

Otherwise, you should be considered for med school as long as every single prereq is done before you actually matriculate to med school. This presumes your grades, MCAT, etc are also competitive. If you need to bump your GPA up a bit, consider waiting till you have all of your courses done before applying.

Thanks Annette, this is very helpful. I think I’ll just do self study in those subjects then, as much as I can and then start trying to tackle some practice tests near the end of the year. if it doesn’t look good, I will hold off on taking the mcat. Thanks again