Applying to med school before finishing required courses

Hello everyone,

I was planning on applying to med school next year. I still need to take Org chem II and Biol II (will be finished with these courses by Fall 2010). Is it true that my application will not be considered if I haven’t finished all required courses?



It depends on the school. My school is concerned that you have all of them done by matriculation.

However, if you will not complete those courses by application time, are you sure you want to take the MCAT without them?

You will be finished with them prior to Fall 2010 or you will be taking them Fall 2010?

It may affect your application. I applied before taking the last quarter of physics. In general, med schools don’t require that the pre-reqs are done prior to application - just prior to matriculation. However, if you are doing a post-bacc with mediocre original GPA, you may need to have strong grades in all of the pre-reqs in order for schools to give you serious consideration.

I’d also like to echo Gabe’s question about whether or not you are planning on taking the MCAT without completing those two pre-reqs?

I still had O-chem to finish when I applied. I would not count on this working - but it did for me. needless to say – my scores on the organic chem portions of MCAT were less than sterling, but I did well enough on other parts to get a decent over-all score.