Applying to Med School

I have heard about a “lag year” between Undergraduate Studies and Medical School. Is their a reason for this? Or is it just by choice? Is there a way around this?


I suppose the 'lag' year would be the year between for those who didn't take the MCAT and/or apply a year early.
If you take the MCAT in April or August of 2004, and then complete your application, you would be applying for admission to med school in the fall of 2005.
What most people do is take the MCAT during their junior year, or the year before they plan on graduating, and apply then. You then have your interviews scheduled during your graduating year, get one summer off, and you're ready to start. If you wait until your senior year to apply, you will be taking that 'lag' year to do your interviews for acceptance into the following year's class.
So, whether or not to have a lag year is really up to you. If you feel ready to take the MCAT, then take it the year before you'll graduate, and the only lag time will be a couple of months in the summer.
Good luck and keep us posted!!

Thanks Linda biggrin.gif
I was getting worried their that I might have to have an unproductive year.