Applying with a PhD in Genetics, but basic sciences over 15 years ago

Hello everyone, just started listening to the podcast, and I’m excited to learn there are so many people out there on a nontraditional journey!

I’m 43 and have a BS in Computer Science (2008), and a PhD in Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology from Virginia Tech (2011).

I spent a couple of years doing post-doctoral genetics research overseas, but since that time I’ve mostly split my time between teaching computer science and data science at a university, doing commercial software development, and data science consulting.

I’m considering making a transition to become a D.O., and am planning what the next couple of years will look like as I first, make sure this is what I want to do; and second, make sure I’m qualified to do it. I’ve started doing some MCAT prep and thinking about how to add shadowing and volunteer clinical experience to my schedule, but what I’m mainly worried about is my old (and less than stellar) undergraduate sciences work.

I started my undergraduate studies as a dual enrollment student in high school, and I was a pretty big slacker, so my undergraduate science GPA wasn’t awesome. I spent two years between my “not awesome school years” doing volunteer missionary work, then got married, went back to school and graduated with an overall GPA of 3.89, but at that point most of my classes were CS or stats.

I then took some upper-level genetics, molecular bio, and stats classes during my PHD work, as well as some filler undergraduate courses in organic chemistry, math, and cellular biology. My final GPA as a PHD student was a 3.83. However, unless a course was an explicit PhD requirement, the general advice in our program was to take courses as pass/fail. So most of my more better undergraduate work was pass / fail (and even those courses are around 10 - 12 years old now).

So, with that lengthy background out of the way, aside from my shadowing and volunteer plans, should I plan to take refresher courses in basic science? I don’t feel like I need them for the MCAT, because I’ve kept up a lot of that knowledge over the years, and have felt relatively comfortable in the practice tests so far.

But will I still need more recent courses for medical school admissions requirements, even though I have a PhD in genetics? Do I need them maybe to show that I can handle basic science course work better now than I did as a high school student?

Thanks for any advice and insights.