I’m sure this may have already been asked but I can’t find it and maybe I’m not searching with the right terms. But anyway, how can you find out which medical schools go into which residencies most frequently? I’m not sure that makes sense. Like I’m most interested right now in maternal-fetal medicine, mainly fetal surgery, so how would I know which medical school is the most “cutting edge” so to speak or would be me at an advantage to get a good residency? I may just not be using the right search terms, I’m having a hard time just articulating it into a question here. So even if someone would just tap me in the right search direction! I’d really appreciate it! Thanks guys!

I was just wondering the same thing myself today (hence my post ‘Applying to right med schools’).

From what I’ve gathered, its moreso an issue of what percentage of students from a given school were accepted to their 1st choice residency program.

But I’m in your same boat, I plan on going into radiology, and looking for a school that excels in that area.

Let me know if you find out anything more!

I think the priorities are: first worry about getting into med school. Then worry about residency. :slight_smile:



I really don’t think you should pick up the school based on amount of students that match in a given specialty. It might change every year.

Almost 25% of this year graduating class from VCU/MCV matched either in Radiology or Anesthesiology. And it doesn’t necessary mean that my school has a history of placing large amount of students in these specialties. It simply means that this year more students wanted to pursue careers in these two specialties. It will probably change next year.

The way medical school program is structured, you won’t really get exposure to maternal-fetal medicine until your 3rd year rotation @ OB/Gyn… and even then maternal-fetal medicine will only be a fraction of your rotation. During the 4th year you’ll have an opportunity to take electives and if you want to take them in other school/ institution it can be arranged.

Many students change their mind about the career they want to pursue at some point during their med-school career. This might be a case with you, too.

If you still think you’d like to choose your school based on the criteria you mentioned, you should pick up the schools with the best maternal-fetal residencies and make sure that they fill a good amount of their position with their own graduates. Then if you attend this school you might have a better chance of matching there (not always the case - like I said in my other post: one residency in my school specifically prefers students from other institutions to have diversity).

Hope it helps,


Thanks, it just seems to be so specialized that if you don’t start immediately pursuing it in some cases you don’t get into that. I know I might change my mind and I am open to that as well, and my main concern is to get into medical school but since I have started to consider strengthening my application I have started to tremendously worry about everything!! I think I am wayy overloading myself and probably need to speak to a professional!!! It seems impossible to know if you are making the right decision on which med school to apply to with regards to where to live to financials to specialty…the easy part was picking doctor it seems!!!