are people in medicine not nice?

so 8 weeks into my clinical rotations, i have been told by numerous residents and attendings (and nurses as well) that i am “one of the nicest med students” they have ever met.

this got me wondering, i know i was raised by the golden rule - you treat people how you want to be treated. you treat everyone with respect and you are always who you are no matter what the situation.

are those in medicine gotten away from this that someone who lives and breathes these tenets and acts this way is met with surprise??

Becky -

I’m sure part of it is attributable to your lovely personality!

Also, though, sometimes “young” students can be so unsure of themselves and anxious that they are not thinking about their social skills. One can get tunnel vision just being serious trying to learn new skills. I was called on this quality very early in my clinical rotations in nurse-midwifery school (I was 35 but was definately anxious and unsure of myself), and have since remembered to look around and recognize the real people around me. Anyway, I think it’s more this and less that the students are not nice.


thanks kate

i do have to say i was also today mistaken for 26…must be the new hairstyle

This might be some ageism coming out, but “kids” today are raised with a such a “you’re GREAT!” attitude that maybe some of them are coming off as know-it-alls. Kind of the opposite of what Kate is saying, but to the same end, they’re not thinking about their social skills.