Are you ready yet?

How’s everyone doing on prep for the April MCAT? Do you feel like you’re ready? How are the practice tests going? Any special relaxation strategies anyone is going to use? I feel pretty good about it. I’m just reviewing formulas and my notes and taking the last two practice tests this weekend (AAMC came out with a new one, 8). I’m more worried about freaking out on test day than about knowing the material. If only physical sciences could be the last section! Good luck everyone! We’re almost there!

I’m feeling ok. Not quite ready yet, but I’m on target to be ready by test day. I’m extremely happy with my progress in Verbal and BS and not so much in the PS section. Honestly, my classes last quarter have helped a LOT with the critical thinikng aspects of the MCAT.

I’m getting there but don’t feel quite ready. I’m taking practice tests (the newer ones) the next two weekends and finishing my overall topical review next week. Then cleaning up loose ends in Zen week, and off we go! I’ll have a better idea of how I’ll feel after this weekend.

Well, my practice tests scores have settled into solid 33s. I’d like to pull them up a bit more, though. It appears I need to work on DNA transcription, chemistry of solutions (I KNOW. What could be simpler?), and the endocrine system and circulation.
And I have a physics exam the Monday after the MCAT; did I mention that? Whee!!!

Wow! It sounds to me like you are ready to conquer the beast! I decided to wait until August to take the MCAT. It was just too much for me to prepare for everything with my huge course load. I wish you the best on April 16th!!