At 40 - where to begin?

Something I can speak well on is my experience as a lawyer. After I got out of law school and landed my first job, no one cared where I had gone to law school. In fact, other than my first year of law school overall standing, I never put rank or my overall GPA on a resume.

As a practicing lawyer I met other lawyers from the better schools, and many of them were very sharp. I never once failed to hold my own though. School is only the beginning, most of what I learned there was based soley on my ability to absorb and break down information. Most importantly, a school name may get a graduate a job, but it won’t keep one.

I imagine medical school is much the same–though I cant’ be certain. A better school will probably land the better top end positions, and create better real world contacts for the ambitious. Outside the top 5, or 25% even, I doubt once a Doctor gets the first job it will really matter for the most part what school they went to.

My initial reaction to DO schools, out of state schools, or Carribean schools for that matter, is why not? They all get me to where I want to go.

Other than being willing and having every intention of looking at schools out of state, I am not sure if it is better for me to move now, or when the time comes? I only know if I am a resident of the state many of the schools are located in, it will substantially reduce the instate tuition.

Check out my post Post#55914 . You will be happy to know that at 44 years old (and a lawyer myself), I am now taking the plunge and starting Med School in July, 2010. No more thinking about it. . .I’m doing it! Good Luck to you!