Attending another campus' for schools admissions visit - already been 2x tomyown

Hi All -
I just wanted to run this by the group.
I have met with my admissions department and also attended two local symposiums on campus with the admissions department as well. The same department had a visit today at another campus, but I didn’t want to overdo it. I will do everything I can, so I wanted to attend, but for fear of making a bad impression, was going to send a family member. The challenge is this campus is young, and the room would be small - the family member I was sending was older and it was not at all confirmed that family members were allowed to attend this type of symposium.
We called in the morning to see if any other family members would be there, and after not getting an answer, decided against sending my family member (mom) there. Mind body and soul I wanted to have access to that visit to take any and all tips I could find. I had no other family members that could attend or would attend, and the risk was just too large to send her. In addition, I had accumulated almost a 10 hour sleep debt, and as compensation she wanted me to attend a garage sale with no sleep and I have another exam coming soon. I prayed for guidance and got a response not to send her, but I know I don’t have the luxury of not doing everything I could.Am just looking for comments here - sending a family member to an admissions conference to get any tips with young students is as No-no, but I don’t have the luxury of not doing absolutely everything I can. God help me do always what is right, but give me the strength always to persist.

Was the content or general nature of this symposium going to be substantially different from the previous events that you attended? If not, then you probably didn’t miss anything! At some point, you’re not going to be getting a whole lot of new information and could probably be doing something more productive with that time, like volunteering or studying. This is a stressful process for sure, and I hope that you’re able to discern the best way to spend your time to help your chances of admission.