ATTN: Kathy all OPMers in England!

You are never gonna believe this! In our local newspaper is an article on the Spitalfield Market in East London…your London, as in London, England. The lead in for the article focuses on the eateries there in the Spitalfield open market. The eaterie that gets the highlight? The Arkansas Cafe & Bubba’s Pit Barbeque! I kid you not!

Bubba Helberg - the owner - grew up in El Dorado, AR & apparently moved to England. Anyhow, he started his restaurant 12 years ago in the aforementioned market. The place is so popular that is reservations only! Can ya believe that? A “reservations only” barbeque joint! In London, Eng no doubt!

I think all of you OPMers now residing in England should have night out on the town & go to the Arkansas Cafe & Bubba’s Pit Barbeque! You just have to tell him that you are from “home”.

A virtual OPM gathering across the pond!

Can you guess where I’m heading now that we’re on break? Yep, Bubba’s BBQ. Sooooooieee!!!

Ya just got to give us a report after you have been!

El Dorado, Arkansas? heck that is where my step mom and all her clan is from…and my parents live there now! wait until I tell them about this!

Yup - El Dorado Ark - where I used to deer hunt many moons ago. I have family there myself - the Gunters.

No kidding? small world…he he. I was there right before Xmas to see my parents. Small tiny town in the middle of BFE…but the weather was great! compared to the Tundra here in MN

Oh cool I’ll have to check that out after my first midterm in June. I’m here and didn’t know that! Kathy wait up!!!

Okay Bill, we’ll check it out in June then!! I am quite anxious to get my hands on some sloppy ribs, UMM UMM!!