AudioLearn or Audio Osmosis?

Hello my dear ones!

Has anyone tried these audiobooks?

Which one is the best ab?

I used the Psychic Network…just kidding. It has been too loong for me to give you any worthwhile advice on prep-courses, but I wanted to wish you the best of luck & success. I suspect that if you do a topic search, you will find more than you wish to read on this subject.

Hahahahhahahaha!! LOL!

I wish those were available!


Several members, including myself, have used the audio osmosis from examkrackers and found it very good. There lecture on teh verbal section, perhaps 1/2 a CD out of the set of 12,was some of the best advice I have heard for taking the MCAT overall. However, the package was produced in 1999 and there are no plans to update it anytime soon. still excellent.

I have not heard of the other product until your post. BTW, they are in Rockville, Maryland and I will have to try to snag them for out next DC conference

I used the Audio Osmosis CDs in conjunction with the EK books and thought it was outstanding. The combination of the audio and the text together was the best but I would often bring a CD in the car with me to review.

Best of Luck,