B.I. Deaconess Question

Help !! need to go to BI Deac. with my brother tomorrow for surgery. I am planning on taking train (amtrack) from RI to boston. Do i get off in BACK BAY? Don't mind walking to hospital from train station…but how far is it?
Would i be wiser to take train to RTE 128 stop and get ride into longwood medical section.
Thanks so much.

I think you may be able to walk from Back Bay… well, you definitely can, but I don't know the area well enough to know how long it will take you. If you don't mind taking the T, you can go all the way in to South Station and then transfer to the Red Line (inbound, towards Alewife), get off at Park Street and transfer to the D line on the Green Line (outbound) and get off at Longwood, I believe that stop is the closest one to Beth Israel Deaconess.
If you haven't already tried it, go to www.mbta.com and they have a trip planning feature. Just enter in your beginning and ending points and when you want to get there (or when you are leaving) and it will give directions. I think there are a couple other variables you can play with to see what instructions it gives you.
I hope this might help!

thanks. wink.gif