B.S. in Neuroscience, getting out of Army, seeking advice on how to restart my path to medical school

I graduated with my B.S. in Neuroscience in 2016 and have been in the Army as an officer since 2018. I will be getting out in a year and am a bit concerned about:

  1. paying the bills in the time between leaving the Army and medical school
  2. Obtaining Letters of Recommendation from science professors if I haven’t been in touch with them in 4 years (and they are likely retired)
  3. I volunteered in hospitals for 8 years, 2 of which were as a clinical research hours. I spent many a few years assisting with ATLS/TNCC classes at a county Level I trauma center. I have shadowed one prior service physician for about 2 weeks in surgery and clinic. However, after graduating I have not shadowed or volunteered.

Just looking for any advice or tips on the points above. I have always been interested in DO schools. I had a decent, not great, GPA. I have been diving back into MCAT Studying. I appreciate any and all help. Thank you.