Back from the dead..

Well almost… Org Chem II almost took me out for the count… wow, tough class. Praying to see an A show up on the webpage tonight or tomorrow… will be very dissappointed if not.
In any case, anybody out there taking the April MCAT? My plan is to start the regimen in early Jan with the ExamKrackers schedule/plan, just wondering if any others are out there and what kind of plans people have for studying for it.

Yes, count me in for April too. I have the Exam Krackers materials and have started to put in a few hours each day. I just went through a divorce, job change, and move, so I am giving myself until the first week of January to initiate serious review. Well, at least it will be quiet for evening study now…

Count me in!

I am in for April. I am doing Kaplan and using the AO as adjunct. I have already started to study but I am 1-2 weeks behind. I will catch up over winter break.

Wow, that seems like a crazy amount of stuff to deal with while studying for the MCAT too… good luck, I don’t know that I could go through all of that and then keep a straight head for the MCAT. On the flip side though, it may be easier to get through it because of the dedication it seems to take to get through the test…