Back to school!!

I just wanted to say good luck to everyone who is starting classes tomorrow!! It’s been a long time coming for me, so im especially nervous!

Hope all goes well!

Thanks Putnam you too…

I leave in an hour, but I have been up since four unable to sleep. Filled with nervous excitement I guess. I can’t wait, I am actually getting into the sciences this semester, it should be a BLAST!!

Have fun today… everyone else too!!


Us old people sure were up early this morning! I had my first day of school today too…but had to get my little ones off to their school first!

I had cell bio today, and the only person older than me in the class (of about 150 people) was the professor!

Its great to be back, good luck to everyone this semester!

Good luck to everyone…I am just as excited, starting A & P and Org Chem this semester…It’s funny my six year old was up at 5:30am, excited about starting first grade. And we all have that same energy and excitement. That’s great…

Make all "A"s this semester…

HAHAHA… I checked out the prof’s bio after class and we both graduated HS the same year. Do, not even he is older than I am. Out of 176 in General Bio I, I didn’t see anyone my age. It was fun just the same though LOL

Your kids are back already… YIKES. Mine are home until 9/9. We had to get sitters for the next two weeks uggh.

hey at least you’re younger than the prof! i’m deathly afraid of going to school and having a prof who is even younger than me! i am 33. but i guess i just have to suck it up

I’m 34, and I am sure I will run into a class where I am older than the prof. at some time on this journey.

I have to say it was a blast to be back at school today! Much better than going to work! WHy do these kids rush to finish? School is definitely better than work, just no paycheck involved.

I had calc I, orgo II, and comparative zoology today… what a rush! All went well, I think. The funny thing is that I’ve had this orgo prof before :o) Thankfully he’s a good prof so hopefully I’ll do as well as I hope this time

Hey Guys!

I had Chem I and Genetics today, thankfully both professors had ten years on me. LOL (I am 33) When I was walking to class though, what I have to believe to be a freshman slammed into me while texting and said “uhh…uh… Excuse me Professor” I just smiled, walked away and quietly laughed to myself. He must have felt like such a jerk LOL.

My day was awesome. SOOOOO much reading and problems to do, but I am really excited to get into the groove.

Glad you are all enjoying yourselves as well!!

Glad to hear everyone’s first day went well. I don’t start until Sept. 8, but I’m psyched for my orientation next Monday. I’ve started going over my precalc book to bone up before class, and I’m surprised I remembered as much as I did more than 10 years later. This is so exciting! I’m glad to be going down this road with so many awesome folks:)

I started this week as well. It was fun sitting in Bio 1 and hearing the professor go on about how this isn’t high school and how hard college is.

Maybe it’s because in at a public university in a major metro area, but we have a large number of nontrads in my classes. We have recitation in one of my classes and at 26, I was the second youngest out of my group of 5. It’s pretty neat to be around others who are on the same path as all of us.

I wish everyone luck this semester!