bad quarter

Hey kids! Congrats to all who're starting school and good luck to all currently in the application process. This 35 year old took a leave of absence from work to go to school full time for the last two quarters…essentially for two reasons…1) prove myself to adcoms, 2) see if I really had the heart and desire to do this. Well, I'm sad to say that my grades just didn't cut it…even got a C in my Pharmacology class…it was a bitch but I know that I could've done better but for some reason I just didn't. I don't doubt my intelligence but I do think that I'm just not a very good student and I'm bad at multiple choice tests. Now I feel as if I've shot myself in the foot.
Moving to Texas Thursday. Start anew. Again. Going to Costa Rica and Nicaragua on a medical mission 7/5.

gshimma - You didn't say what you're other grades were but I'm going to assume your other grades were higher than pharmacology (like probably straight B's). Don't worry about it. One C is not going to kill you in your recent schooling. And B's aren't bad…sure we'd all like to have straight A's, but for your first quarters after majorly changing your life it's not awful. Any time we change our lives as drastically as quitting a job to go to school full time it's an adjustment. Figure out what you could do better, get settled into TX, have fun in Nicaruagua/Costa Rica, and come back in the fall full force. Maybe try and fit in a study skills seminar that teaches you about methods for multiple choice tests (I actually like those better because I can usually reason my way down to a couple choices if I have no clue) since MC tests are an integral part of our lives for everything from the MCAT to med school tests to the boards.
I was laid off in December, and thought it would all just fall into place for me too. I've now realized that in some ways I'm better off when I'm at least working a little, because I can't procrastinate as much as I can when I'm doing absolutely nothing but school. I don't study as efficiently as I should/could because I have too much time to get it all done in lol.
I forget if you're working on a first-bachelor, 2nd-bachelor, post-bac, or grad program, but I'm still working on my first-bachelor. My first fulltime semester back in school I was still working, and way too much at a job an hour away with no down time at all (selling shoes) and I ended up with a C in A&P and a D in calculus. Well this semester I brought the A&P grade up to a B (full year course), but ended up with another D in calculus. I know what I'm doing wrong tho now and am retaking it at a school where the homework counts for more then it does at my school (it's needed for my degree).
At least it was technically only my freshman year (even tho I have enough credits from over the years to be a senior), and I've plenty of time to dig myself out of this hole. I haven't gotten an A at this school yet, lol, but I'm confident things will just keep getting better and better from here on out because I feel like I've finally adjusted to the whole school thing. I'm sure you have too, and will soar in TX. Just keep working at it! Don't give up! Have a good summer!
–Jessica, UCCS

Thanks Jessica! Aw…UCCS…I grew up in Colorado Springs and I went to UCCS for a few years between being kicked out of CSU and then readmitted. I already have a BS in Biochemistry and have been working in biotech for 8 years. I agree with you about working while in school. When I finished my degree I worked fulltime and carried 15-18 credits per semester…definitely too much. These last two quarters I didn't work at all and I really think that that aided in my procrastination…pure silliness on my part. Anyway, no school for me for at least a year while I establish Texas residency and consider my options. Best wishes to you.

LOL… UCCS has changed a lot over the years. We're up over 7,000 students now, and they finally just got rid of that state law that required the school to provide only courses necessary for the Colo Spgs metro area. We've got some great research going on too. The campus is getting huge (well not really, but way bigger lol). They are building a new sports complex bldg out by 4-Diamonds, a new theater, and now own the land all the way down the northeast side of Austin Bluffs to Union. The bldg on the corner of Union houses the health center, nursing program, and aerospace engineering. They also plan on bldg more dorms soon (so far only house like 1500 students) maybe in apt style suites.
Anyway, have fun in TX and enjoy your year off!
–Jessica, UCCS