Bad timing

I’m currently taking prerequisites, and will be finished at the end of this coming August.

(Assuming I take classes during the summer quarter–which is not would I would like to do. I would prefer to skip summer and finish with the fall quarter)

I’ve just looked at all the dates, and realized that in order to start medical school the fall of 2011, I would have to take the MCAT at the latest 4 days after my summer quarter finals.

My question is, is it better to wait to take the MCAT in the spring of 2011 and enter school fall of 2012?

I’m feeling really antsy about getting into medical school, and then having this big gap of time… However, I don’t want to not do as well in my classes, the MCAT, and my applications, because I’m trying to shove everything together at once.

Any thoughts?


I didn’t do well in undergrad. Completely screwed around. So this go-round my grades are very important.

I intended to go abroad and work in clinics–obviously no time for this though if I’m applying for 2011.

I was once told, on this forum in private, by someone I respect greatly, to listen to what my gut is telling me.

I think your gut is likely telling you what you need to do and therefore, you too should probably listen to it.

My own path was 3 years - 47 at matriculation. Then I got placed a chem class earlier and the whole timeframe shifted a year EARLIER! I was gung ho! Excited! Motivated.

Then, unfortunate, unforeseen, circumstances arose, I panicked that I was now another year out (again). What really changed?

Nothing but my perception. Should I rush, push through, do what I MUST to get in earlier, faster, happier, faster, excited, not wait, oh-my-gosh…

In my case, my gut told me to chill. I hate it, but I am. No sense in rushing a “NO WAY JOSE ARE WE LETTING YOU IN DECISION” when I could in fact get a, “Welcome to club” a year later.

I agree–you know what to do already. Take the extra year and do it right. You won’t regret it.