Barry White Needs Kidney

After years of fighting hypertension, Barry White needs a new kidney. That’s unfortunate.
On a lighter note, he was interviewed by Gormet magazine about a year ago–which is an artsy, high-brow magazine devoted to the culinary arts that Jennifer reads. Why they chose to interview him, I don’t know but the interview (which only lasted about 10 questions) was hilarious. It went something like this:
G: Barry, when you think of food, what emotions come to mind.
BW: Hunger. (LOL! That killed me.)
G: If you could have anything to eat at any time, what would it be?
BW: A ham sandwich on Wonder bread. I love ham on Wonder bread. Sometimes I put mayo on there, or sometimes I have my lady put this sandwich spread that she buys at the store on it. Sometimes both. I like ham sandwiches.
G: That’s great, Barry. What gourmet foods do you like?
BW: To me, a ham sandwich is gourmet, especially when my lady puts that sandwich spread on both sides. M-M-M. I love it.
G: When you go out for dinner, where do you like to go? What restaurants in LA do you love?
BW: I don’t eat out much, except on special occasions. Then I just go to a nice family establishment, like a Sizzler or Bonanza. Good food and quality service. My lady likes it too.
G: What food-related holiday do you enjoy most?
BW: I like Christmas.
G: Christmas is wonderful, isn’t it? What is it about Christmas that you enjoy so much?
BW: All the ham sandwiches I can make with the left overs.
G: With the sandwich spread your lady puts on it?
BW: That’s right.

I’m serious! He used “lady” all throughout it, and all he talked about was ham sanwiches.

Holy crap that’s funny. laugh.gif He seems like a simple, unpretentious guy. I like that.

I liked that interview, it made me laugh and I Need a good laugh since I’m so stressed from school, it’s Friday nite and I actually could use a Barry White moment right now!!! laugh.gif