beginning the journey !

got accepted into uw milwaukee’s pre-medical certificate program (& microbio program) yesterday! i would begin completing my prerequisites fall of 2010.

about me:

  • twenty-two (young for this site, i suppose, but certainly non-trad - i’m just glad i figured it out before starting a family, career, etc.)

  • graduated with english b.a. from a private university in chicago, 3.65 gpa

  • 4.0 science gpa thus far, with only 2 classes under my belt

    anyway, very eager to get started and get into the opm community!


Hi gordo

well great to have you join us. Happy for you and enjoy the ride.

woops! make that fall of 2011. too eager.


Hey gordo,

Welcome. I am a newbie myself. I went to UWM for my undergrad and was in the premed program also. Make sure you meet with Patty Woods regularly as it is easy get off track. Best of luck to you! I think you’ll do just fine and you have all the time in the world to pursue your dream.

thanks! i’d love to get your input on the program & resources in milwaukee; i’m not a native

Enjoy the ride. Good Luck.