Best way to prep

I am not looking to take the MCAT until Spring 2013, but it has been 10+ years since I took my prereqs. I feel like I need to relearn alot, especially Physics and Org Chem.

My question is should I audit a few classes (Physics I, Org I and Biology) in the next year or should I take a prep class and try to review on my own. I had started Kaplan before, but decided not to pursue medicine, but of course, it comes back around to that is what I was put on this Earth for. So I thought about try TPR class.

I work full time (and will have a newborn) so I don’t have time to audit more than 1 class a semester.

Any advice will be appreciated. I will spend about the same amount of money on either option.

I’d suggest taking some online classes (like what ORegon State offers through Ecampus). they have online materials and quizzes and such I found to be a good review, are accelerated, and I could work on them at midnight, if I needed to.

One thing you want to check first is if the schools you are shooting for accept older pre-reqs. If they don’t you are going to have to take them all over to begin with.

Luckily, the (only) school I am looking at appreciates non-trad students, and don’t have any rules about years since pre-reqs.

As I will have a baby in the fall and would have to miss 3 weeks, and then have a babysitter for a few classes, I am really leaning towards taking TPR this summer, doing EK 1001 questions all fall except for a month after my baby is born and then redoing TPR starting in January prior to taking the MCAT in May or June 2013.

Like I said, I need a lot of content review.

After looking at forums ALL over, I have concluded that TPR is better than Kaplan.

Any other input?